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水发胭脂21|老苗汤有效果吗"Good!" Cao cao fondly hands way: "according to worship filial piety of speech."Cao cao had a dispute over a letter from yuan shang. At the moment, yuan shang was also a little nervous. He looked at the sky outside and frowned at the direction of the gate.

Time to gradually turn into winter, the weather is cold, this is the rest of the season, but spent the entire jizhou official in crazy running, lyu3 bu4, spent the entire jizhou officials at all levels, are now like a clockwork machines, land equalization policy decrees to promotion, not to mention below official's willingness to perform, even if not in part, the promotion, how to allocate, active soldiers how to reward all aspects of problem are given, moreover, spent here is jizhou, have deep family brand, how can no backstabbing phenomenon?A continuous crossbow quickly loaded, with lv bu a command, aimed at the face rushed over the tiger and leopard ride.Army captain, lyu3 bu4 frown slightly, their tents in Athens, though many, but the dispatch, only holds one sea, and can also meet unusual military commanders, but in the more xu chu, xi, the level of other competitors, some disadvantaged, calculate to surrender, under the only now, I am afraid, zhang liao can clash with the two people, d, still need training for two years, today's d is not xu chu, the opponent.水发胭脂21|Chapter 94 ma chao VS zhang fei

水发胭脂21|"Zi Yang can see this horse's hoof on the thing have what use place?" Cao cao got down from his horse's back and frowned at the horse's hoofs."No need to be polite." Gao shun nodded his head and glanced at the zhaoyun beside lv lingqi.'Mr Zhengnan? Zhang he looked at his match in surprise.

Blood blurred the line of sight, the pupils of the loose stare at the front, gradually stiff body, so tightly clamping the horseAbdomen, until death refused to loosen, grip in the hand of the long gun still maintain the action of the thrust, the gun front has been cut off."Shield! Butch ride a fully to eight hundred people, under the command of the tsao chwun, front row butch ride quickly will a round shield block in the front, followed by the boom of bang series of whistle stuck, even have a shield to protect, there is still a lot of butch ride soldiers casualties, in this case, even if again strong, is can't escape the horseshoe step after fall dead end.Han rong did not go to see zhang liao, his trembling hands straightened his helmet, but in the face of the city, he saw countless yuan bing was coming here, the corners of his mouth spread a bleak smile, his eyes closed, fell into the arms of pond without a sound.水发胭脂21|




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